Bacon and egg sub

I craved something bacony and eggy for breakfast one morning. On impulse, I grabbed a bacon and egg sub from Subway in town. I bought a foot long sub and had it cut in half so I could share it with my workmate J.

Bacon and egg sub from Subway

They toasted the bun and zapped the bacon and egg, wrapped the sandwich in paper and gave it to me in a plastic bag. It was still warm when I got to the office. Of course, after I unwrapped the sandwich at my desk, an inspection of its innards was totally necessary! I was glad to see that the bacon was real bacon – but it was the most thinly sliced bacon I have seen in a long time – paper-thin, practically a pink-tinged, see-through-thin! Thankfully, the bacon did have a nice smokey flavour. The egg was a flat, bland, rubbery plain omelette, about as thin as the bacon, that reminded me of the bland rubbery omelettes in the Hungry Jacks Omelette Wraps*. The sandwich was saved from a fate of total blandness thanks to the tomato sauce and the smokey thin bacon. :)

Bacon and egg sub innards

I’ve had better bacon and egg sandwiches / rolls; I won’t be rushing back to Subway to get another one. But this was enough to feed my craving for something bacony and eggy that morning.

*Hmmm… just thinking about this, I’m not sure why historically I have been drawn to bland and rubbery fast food chain breakfast egg items. The Hungry Jack’s Omelette Wrap, and the scrambled eggs of the now-defunct McDonald’s Big Breakfast. And going back even further, I used to eat McDonald’s scrambled eggs with an English muffin, when that was an item on the breakfast menu (I must’ve been the only person who ever ordered it, which is why it ended up getting ditched from the menu). I think my love of eggy flavour must surpass all. Because it is true that I much prefer unseasoned eggs, which I will often eat without adding any seasoning, to overcooked but well-seasoned eggs. My tolerance for rubbery fast food chain eggs is a mystery though, and I could ponder over it for ages… :)

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