Dinner and bento – turkey steaks and roasted vegetables

This was a delicious dinner of turkey steaks with mushroom gravy, steamed vegetables (broccoli and green beans) and roasted vegetables (butternut pumpkin, potato, sweet potato, onions and carrots).

Turkey steaks with mushroom gravy, roasted vegetables

We cheated on the gravy and used a packet one – I believe this was a Gravox mushroom gravy. I’ve tasted some surprisingly tasty packet gravies, but sadly, this wasn’t one of them (that’ll teach us! :-P). Although the gravy was a let-down, the turkey and vegetables were fantastic.

Turkey steaks with mushroom gravy close-up

Roasted vegetables close-up

Roasted vegetables and steamed broccoli close-up

For dessert, I had a serve of trifle Jac made, with extra thick custard (the custard is always super thick when Jac makes it :)), tinned two fruit (pear and peach), and lots of fresh whipped cream.


For bento the next day, I packed salad greens with marinated mushrooms and leftover roasted vegetables, and a couple of slices of honey-roasted ham, rolled up and skewered with animal food picks. In the green birdy container there’s aioli, which I ate with the roasted vegies and salad.

Honey-glazed ham, roasted vegetables and salad bento

I ate this lunch cold. I just love cold roasted vegetables.

Honey-glazed ham, roasted vegetables and salad bento close-up

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