Laksa at Munch Terrace

One of my last lunches with workmate J was at at Munch Terrace (230 Hay St, corner of Bennett St, East Perth). We shared the same craving that day: laksa, laksa, LAKSA! We ordered the combination laksa. In the large bowls of spicy curry soup were a mixture of egg noodles and rice noodles, with chunks of chicken, thinly sliced fish cake, fried tofu and two joyously plump, bursty prawns. You need to be really hungry to do make a decent dent in this huge serve. The orange soup didn’t taste as firey as it looked, but I thought it was just right for a curry wuss like me. My friends SRM and C would definitely be asking for extra chilli, though!

Combination laksa (with chicken, seafood and tofu)

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