Last day at work

My last day at work was also my birthday, and I wanted something really good for my morning tea. Something good meaning something served hot – with pastry!

Morning tea
I organised a platter of sausage rolls and spinach and ricotta parcels. I brought a container of tomato sauce from home, for dipping. Tupperware fans will recognise the square container as one from the “Zen” series. :)

Sausage rolls and spinach and ricotta parcels

The spinach and ricotta parcels looked handmade, which made them more appealing!

Spinach and ricotta parcels

Sausage rolls are just a perfect savoury item for morning tea or afternoon tea. If more work places had ovens that staff could use, the sausage roll would feature at many more morning and afternoon teas!

Sausage rolls

I had wanted to bake something sweet and special for morning tea, but simply ran out of time. I got a chocolate cake from Coles supermarket and mini donuts from Donut King.

Chocolate cake and mini donuts

I wish they made mini iced donuts – I’d have bought a stack of those, all colourful and covered in icing and sprinkles. Alas – I had to settle for mini cinnamon donuts instead. They were really good, though.

Mini donuts

This Coles chocolate cake tasted like proper chocolate cake – of chocolate rather than of sugar, which is why I bought it. This cake is moist and sticks to your teeth and the roof of your mouth as you eat it – just perfect eaten with a nice cup of tea or coffee (or a cold glass of milk!). We were quite full from the hot pastries and donuts – as I’d predicted, the team practically inhaled the pastries – and so the rest of the chocolate cake was left on a table for people to eat at afternoon tea time.

Chocolate cake

The team gave me a couple of presents – a lovely big mug which I have been using every day for my cuppas at my new work, and a Boffins voucher, as I’d indicated I needed to buy some reference texts for the new job. I got lots of cards too, from the team and other work friends. Thanks guys, you all made me feel really special.

I was too full to have a big lunch, so workmate J and I went to 88 Royal lunch bar (88a Royal St, East Perth) to get something light – tuna patties and salad. But because we got there closer to 1pm, they only had one serve of tuna patties and salad left, which J bought. They didn’t have any more small tuna patties to make me up a plate with salad, so they offered me a big tuna pattie with salad, at the same price.

Tuna patties and salad

The tuna patties from this lunch bar, big or small, are great. They’re crumbed and nicely seasoned on the outside, and have the perfect balance of mashed potato and tuna on the inside. I’ll miss these tuna patties and salad plates, and that lunch bar, for sure.

Big tuna pattie with salad

After work, I went to the pub with my team mates and work friends – we enjoyed drinks and ate seasoned potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce (sorry, no photo). I was very lucky to be part of that team- they loved food and we had some great lunches! I’ve made some great friends over the past two years or so.

I haven’t quite settled into a new routine with the new job yet, and in fact, am feeling very unsettled – not unhappy, just unsettled. I know that’s just part of starting a new job, no longer being in your comfort zone. I think I’ll keep feeling unsettled until I feel I’ve proven myself in my new job. But that’s cool. I’ll keep working at it. :)

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