Bento – McDonalds Chicken McNuggets, Apple Pie and salad

This was a kind of naughty junk food bento – a McDonald’s bento, with Chicken McNuggets and a sachet of tomato sauce, and a McDonald’s apple pie for dessert. I also included one of my sweet crunchy salad combos – with mixed greens, grape tomatoes, sliced sweet gherkin pickles, grapes and swiss cheese – the sweetness and crunch in the salad comes from the pickles and grapes. I ate all of the lunch cold. I love McDonald’s apple pies cold. The trick with any deep-fried food you intend to eat cold is to let it cool completely before putting it in the fridge – if you refrigerate it with even just a hint of warmth left in it you’ll risk it turning soggy. Even eaten cold, the apple pie pastry still had a satisfying crispness to it. And the nuggets – well, I can eat mountains of McNuggets, hot or cold, any time.

Bento - McDonalds Chicken McNuggets, Apple Pie and salad

On the weekend jetgirl and I were lamenting the loss of dark meat Chicken McNuggets. Do any of you guys recall the time when you’d get dark meat as well as breast meat McNuggets? My brother and I both loved the dark meat nuggets, and with every pack, we’d race to identify and eat all the dark ones first. We had identifying dark meat McNuggets by sight down to a finely-tuned art (rather than what jetgirl said she had to do to work out which was which – which was bite them in half :)). I’ve never stopped missing dark meat Chicken McNuggets – they were consistently more succulent and flavoursome than the breast meat ones. They’re on my list of
Junk Food Items I Miss. I’ve know I’ve talked about this before, but here’s a list:

  • Dark meat Chicken McNuggets
  • McDonald’s Big Breakfast
  • The non-sesame seeded, sort of square, sweet buns they used to serve at KFC – those buns bore a closer resemblance to Southern “biscuits” than the current buns, which are more like bland, spongey miniature burger buns. They disappeared years ago, way way before TFP days!
  • The Hungry Jack’s Swiss burger, which had swiss cheese and mushrooms in it – it was available for a limited time only, years ago.
  • Chicken Treat Hawaiian Pack with banana fritter as well as pineapple fritter – these days, the banana fritter is available on special promotions, rather than part of the standard menu. In fact, I don’t even think the Hawaiian Pack is a standard menu item any more.

The wind is howling and it’s bucketing down with heavy rain outside, and I just heard a deep rumble of thunder. I hope it slows down by the time I have to leave for work. I hate getting wet from the rain first thing in the morning. It’s just so difficult to get warm again when you start the day with wet clothes.

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