Turkey minchee puffs!*

We’ve cooked minchee using turkey mince previously (I have a category devoted to minchee), and I remarked on how “wormy” the turkey mince looked. It tasted fine, but I think pork mince remains the ideal meat to use for minchee. We cooked up another batch of turkey mince minchee recently though, because 1) we needed to use up a batch of turkey mince and 2) I had a craving for minchee, and with no pork mince in the freezer, this was the next best thing. Jac also stir-fried some vegetables (green beans, carrot, red capsicum, cabbage) to eat with the minchee and rice.

Turkey mince minchee, vegetables and rice

The texture of the turkey mince is very different to pork – the turkey just doesn’t give as springy or as satisyfing a chew.

Turkey mince minchee close-up

A couple of nights later, Jac came home with a packet of frozen puff pastry. She said she wanted to try making pastry puffs with the leftover minchee as the filling. As a fan of both puff pastry and minchee, it sounded fantastic to me! She served up her minchee puffs freshly baked from the oven with a little lettuce, cucumber, tomato and red apple, and a dish of tomato sauce for dipping.

Minchee puffs with salad, apple and tomato sauce

I didn’t need the tomato sauce in the end – Jac ate the sauce with her puffs – for me, the pastry and minchee tasted great without any additional sauces.

Minchee puffs innards

How’s your weekend been? Mine’s been pretty good – I made a new friend and caught up with an old one. And I made a decision about something significant that I’ve been struggling with for a few weeks.

*This post was written ages ago, and I somehow missed publishing it! I thought the minchee puffs were too good to not post! :)

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