Bento – sandwiches, fruit and salad

I decided to use up some of the leftover barbecue chicken to make sandwiches for our bento the next day. The sandwiches I made were:

  • chicken, mayo and French mustard
  • curried chicken
  • English ham and Dijon mustard

All the sandwiches had mixed salad greens in them. I also included a mini salad of lettuce and baby roma tomatoes, marinated mushrooms and gherkin pickles, with containers of Newman’s Own creamy roast garlic dressing, and red seedless grapes and oranges.

Two bento lunches - sandwiches, fruit and salad

My bento lunch - sandwiches, fruit and salad

The cartoon I drew on Jac’s bento note depicted a scenario I know all too well. Do you guys have similar experiences during meetings? One of my colleagues told me she always makes sure to eat something before going into a regular 2-hour meeting she attends every fortnight. Otherwise she finds her tummy making embarrassingly loud noises the whole two hours. :)

And now, a bento note with a  tummy rumble joke

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