Bento – hard-boiled egg, cold meats, pickles, salad and fruit

I was very pleased with these bento boxes I put together for us. I’d asked Jac what she’d like for lunch, to which she said, “Cold meat, salad and pickles.” That’s exactly what I packed us – with a few extra bits and pieces. This was my lunch. On the left: hard-boiled egg, salad (lettuce, snow peas, tomatoes, snow pea sprouts and corn kernels), honey ham and roast beef, with a little blue strawberry container of aioli to go with the salad, and a little animal sauce bottle of soy sauce to go with the hard-boiled egg. On the right: pickles on a bed of lettuce – gherkin, giardenera (Italian pickled vegetables, which we buy in a jar) and marinated mushrooms, with orange wedges to finish.

My bento lunch: hard-boiled egg, cold meats, pickles, salad and fruit

Jac’s lunch was much the same, but I included a couple of extras I didn’t have – fresh red onion rings and a sachet of Nando’s Trio of Roasted Bell Pepper salad dressing. She got two rolls of roast beef and one of honey ham.

Jac's bento - hard-boiled egg, cold meats, pickles, salad and fruit

Not that I want to toot my trumpet :), but I just loved the colours, the different textures, and the freshness of it all.

My bento - bottom tier

I cut the pickles so they’d come apart into easy to eat slices.

My bento - top tier

The eggs were a little more hard-boiled than we usually have them, but they tasted great with the soy sauce. That’s one of my simple pleasures. I have mini salt and pepper grinders at work – I love hard-boiled egg topped with freshly cracked black pepper and a good splashing of soy sauce.

Jac's bento - bottom tier

Jac was thrilled with all the pickles – pickles are among her favourite foods of all time. It can be pickled anything – she’ll give it a go and probably love it.

Jac's bento - top tier

I’ve mentioned before Jac likes to have bread with her meals where possible – so I’ve been packing a little bread and butter with her bento lunches whenever I can. Another good thing about these particular Japanese bento boxes is you can fit the bread and butter on top of the two tiers, just under the lid.

My bento lunch - with bread

I’ve done cartoons recently about farts and tummy rumbles on Jac’s bento notes – it was inevitable I’d do burping. Don’t worry, I won’t be delving into really gross territory! :)

Jac's bento note - now with a burp joke

About the bento gear featured in this post

  • The little strawberry container is one of a set of four sauce containers I bought from JBox. They’re Ciao! Colorful Animal & Fruit Mayonnaise Cups.
  • The animal sauce bottles (I used a panda and a mouse this time around) are also from JBox. They’re part of the lunch animal sauce dispenser set. Note: JBox appear to be currently out of stock of this item. If you search eBay, you are bound to find these for sale, though – they’re a very popular bento item.
  • The bento boxes were purchased from eBay.

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