Bento – steak, potato salad, salad and bread

A steak and salad bento! Jac panfried a steak medium-rare for her and a steak medium-well for me. I made my easy potato salad, and threw together a simple salad of mixed greens, grape tomatoes and red seedless grapes. I packed us each a container of smokey barbecue sauce to eat with our steak.

My bento lunch - steak, BBQ sauce and salads

Jac suggested I slice the steak up so it would be easy to eat with a fork, and that’s exactly what I did. I made sure to slice the steak across the grain so the resulting pieces would be tender rather than chewy – that’s something I learned from Good Eats, from the episode called “Raising the Steaks” (scroll down the transcript to Scene 10 for a detailed explanation). :)

My bento steak - more done than Jac's

I always feel a little down on Mondays, but I try to be a little positive in my bento notes. I started with the sentence “Another Monday, but at least the sun’s shining”… and ended up with flowers and a fat little bee with green eyes :)

Jac's bento note - Another Monday, but at least the sun's shining

Here’s Jac’s steak, considerably redder than mine, just how she likes it.

Jac's rare steak

I’ve made variations of this easy potato salad before. I cooked a potato using a potato microwaver. I chopped the cooked potato roughly into chunks, allowed them to cool and mixed them with Kewpie mayonnaise, a little wholegrain mustard and freshly cracked black pepper. I thinly sliced some cucumber and mixed that through as well. If we had spring onion, I’d have have added chopped spring onion as well. I’ve made this before also with cooked carrot, chopped ham and chopped hard-boiled egg. The “easy” part comes from just using what’s available at the time, I guess.

Easy potato salad

As always, I packed Jac some bread and butter as she loves eating bread with meals. She loved this lunch!

Jac's bento lunch - rare steak, potato salad, salad and bread

Poor Jac is sick!
Poor Jac – she was the first one to get a cough and cold. Then I ended up with it last week. But as I was starting to feel better she got sick again – she’s been off work the last couple of days, even sicker than I was, with a nose and head even more blocked than mine were, with a cough that’s worse than mine was. She’s been pretty miserable these past few days, poor thing.

On Monday she requested tinned tomato soup for her dinner (that’s one her comfort foods), and icy poles / ice cream to soothe her dry throat. On my way home from work, I picked up a box of orange and tropical-flavoured icy poles, made from real fruit juice, and I also bought a box of her favourite ice cream treat – Weis raspberry and cream ice cream bars. It’s been very cold over here (cold by Perth standards anyway!) – which I was actually thankful for, as the ice creams didn’t melt at all during the 15-20 minutes walk home from the shops. Yesterday, we had our coldest Perth day for four years. Anyway, a big bowl of tomato soup and an icy pole / ice cream later, and she seemed much brighter. She’s getting better, but I think she’ll need a little more time before she’s back to 100% or even 90% (which is where I am currently).

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