A sort of breakfast bento

I packed this breakfast for myself one morning recently- it was a kind of breakfast bento, I guess – I took it to work and ate it at my desk as I read my emails and started my work day.

A sort of breakfast bento - toasted sandwiches and fruit

I’d made myself toasted sandwiches – two with honey-glazed ham, mushrooms and mayonnaise, one with honey-glazed ham, mushrooms and swiss cheese – which I allowed to cool completely before packing into the container. I packed some fruit too – washed red seedless grapes, as well as a banana and a mandarin. I ate the toasted sandwiches cold – they were nice, not at all soggy. Just savoury and delicious, with a lovely crisp exterior that was a pleasure to bite into.

A sort of breakfast bento - toasted sandwiches and fruit

I didn’t eat all the fruit at breakfast – I ate all the sandwiches and half the grapes. I grazed on the rest of the grapes throughout the morning. I ate the mandarin with my lunch that day and ate the banana at afternoon tea time.

Update on Jac
Thanks for all your messages and wishes for Jac to get better. I think all the good vibes did something, because (as some of you will have read on TFP’s Facebook page) I could see she was feeling better when I got home this evening – she’d cooked dinner, ravioli in a creamy three-mushroom sauce. The pasta was chicken and mushroom ravioli I’d bought from the supermarket, the pasta sauce she made herself from scratch using fresh button mushrooms, tinned champignons and dried porcini mushrooms – it was delicious! And then after dinner, she surprised me again and whipped up a batch of pikelets. I guess they were blini-style pikelets – she used buckwheat flour. They were kind of experimental – we bought a bag of buckwheat flour sometime ago and she just felt like trying something new. I ate the pikelets with hot sliced banana and a chopped up Weis raspberry and cream bar – ultra sweet but really good.

I’ve run out of time tonight, but I’ll be replying to your recent comments and emails soon.

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