Cupcakes with Clinkers

It was workmate H’s birthday, and she brought in a big batch of cupcakes topped with icing and Clinkers. Sharp-eyed readers will notice some of the cupcakes had TWO Clinkers on top. Needless to say, those didn’t last long!

Clinker-topped chocolate cupcakes

Here is my chosen cupcake before it met with my teeth. The cupcakes were initially stashed in the fridge – hence the gleam of condensation you may notice on the Clinker.

Clinker-topped chocolate cupcake

H kept apologising that the cupcakes were “only” made from a packet mix. It didn’t bother us in the least – we’re not cake snobs, and these cupcakes were lovely (plus, let’s face it, office people never knock back free food)! H had made so many cupcakes that some of us enjoyed a sweet treat at morning tea AND afternoon tea. Sugar highs all day!

Obviously you guys have seen many of the delicious things my workmates and I have brought to work to share. Tell me about some of the yummy treats workmates have brought to your workplace! Or even better, what have you brought to work to share with your workmates? :)

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