Breakfast- scrambled eggs, mushrooms and kaya toast

A recent home cooked breakfast – Jac panfried the mushrooms in butter and toasted the bread. I made the scrambled eggs. I spread kaya thickly on my toast – yum!

Scrambled eggs, mushrooms and kaya toast


Scrambled eggs

In egg-related news, we’ve been discussing keeping chooks in our backyard again. We had three isa brown hens a few years ago, and their eggs were lovely – big, brown-shelled eggs with gloriously orange yolks. Jac’s keen to get a couple of bantams this time too, so we’ll have smaller eggs as well, a perfect size for making savoury eggs. I love having chooks to eat up the food scraps – nothing gets wasted when you have chooks! And we’ll have plenty of eggs to cook with and share with the family.

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