Dinner and bento – salmon patties, egg and salad… and a fart joke!

Jac made patties using tinned salmon and mashed potato. She served them with steamed broccoli and carrot. I ate my salmon patties with tomato sauce.

Salmon patties and vegetables

Jac had made some mini salmon patties specially for the next day’s bento. I packed us mini patties with little containers of Newman’s Own Southwest Dressing as dip, potato salad, vegetables and half a hard-boiled egg each.

My bento lunch

Jac's bento lunch

I pre-peppered our eggs.

Hard-boiled egg close-up

This was the last of the potato salad (we’d eaten the rest in the previous day’s bento).

Potato salad close-up

Yes, I admit it -I’ve been wanting to do a fart joke on a bento note for some time. The weather forecast for a “windy morning” proved inspirational! And yes, Jac got this joke! :-P So now you all know that to TFP, “pooot” is the cartoon sound of a fart. LOL.

A bento note featuring a fart joke

I bought these bento boxes from eBay sometime ago. I love their glossy rich brown lacquer, and they hold a decent amount of food too.

Our bento boxes packed and ready to go

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