Breakfast at Dome

We took Jac’s nephew and niece out to breakfast the next morning. We met up with Jac’s cousin K at Dome. I didn’t get photos of everyone’s breakfast – just Jac’s and mine. Jac ordered the eggs benedict. She enjoyed the eggs, toast, spinach and ham, but like many places, the hollandaise served on the eggs tasted like commercial / pre-made sauce, which is never as good as hollandaise made from scratch.

Eggs benedict

I had the full fry-up, with bacon, chipolatas, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast, a hash brown and scrambled eggs. Unfortunately, the eggs were way overdone and very dry.


We ordered Jac’s nephew Max bacon, eggs and toast, and as I was sitting next to him I helped him cut everything up into bite-sized pieces for easy eating. He dipped his bacon and toast into his egg yolk and munched away happily. The funny thing is – and we had no idea of this at the time – Max never liked to eat eggs until this breakfast! We just found out this week that as a result of his breakfast at Dome, Max now loves eggs and wants to eat them all the time! That’s pretty cool, I think. :)

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