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A few weeks ago, Jac and I looked after her niece and nephew on a Friday night – their parents (Jac’s brother B and his wife K – remember our Hamilton Island holiday? :)) were off to Melbourne for the weekend to attend a friend’s 40th birthday celebration. The plan was like this: Jac and I would look after the kids on the Friday night, then Nanna J would take them Saturday afternoon, and Nanna Pattycakes would take them on Sunday and get them off to school on Monday morning, with their parents returning during the day on Monday. We had dinner together (Jac, me, B, K and kids) on Friday night before the red-eye flight. We ordered takeaway from Penang Delight restaurant, and here’s what we had – it was great! First, special fried rice (AU$9.00). Check out that huge prawn peeping out from the rice!

Special fried rice

Honey chicken (AU$12.50) – we asked for it with chilli. This was very good honey chicken. Like sweet and sour chicken, you sometimes get honey chicken that’s all batter with hardly any meat content inside the batter. This was perfect. The honey glaze was sweet, the chicken to batter ratio just right, and the chicken inside tender and very tasty. We almost wished that we’d ordered two serves of the honey chilli chicken!

Honey chilli chicken

The szechuan beef (AU$12.50) was also very tender and delicious. I thought the onion to meat ratio wasn’t good – there was way too much onion – but I still enjoyed this dish. The beef really was unbelievably tender.

Szechuan beef

The garlic king prawns (AU$14.00) featured lots of vegetables (carrots, baby corn, snow peas, broccoli, champignons and onion) and bursty plump prawns in a very garlicky sauce.

Garlic prawns

We did have a token vegetable dish :) – choy sum with oyster sauce (AU$10.00). I loved the simplicity of the dish, vegetables, garlic and oyster sauce.

Oyster sauce choy sum

We also ordered a large roast meats combination, of barbecue pork, roast pork and roast duck (AU$23 .00+ extra $2.00 for duck). I loved it all, but my favourite was the roast pork, which was delicious, tender and juicy, with just the right amount of fat to meat, topped with tasty salty crackling. I would’ve been quite happy to grab some rice and dig into this container of meat all on my own. ;-)

Roast meats combination - roast duck, barbecue pork, roast pork

So here’s my plate, round one, with a bit of everything, plus prawn crackers. As a bonus for babysitting, Jac and I got to enjoy the leftovers the next day for lunch back at our place, where the kids and I played Wii for hours. You know, prawn crackers are great Wii snacking food. :)

My plate

Penang Delight Malaysian Chinese Cuisine is located at Shop 2 / 2 Batman Road (I love that there’s a street named “Batman”!), Canning Vale. They’re open for lunch and dinner everyday except Wednesdays.

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