French toast

A quick and easy breakfast I made for us on a recent Sunday morning – french toast. I usually add either a spoon of raw sugar or a drizzle of maple syrup to the egg mix before dipping the bread into it. I like to really soak the bread in the egg mix – I can’t stand french toast that’s not heavily eggy and fried to a good golden brown. And whether I’ve put sugar or maple syrup into the egg mix, I love eating my french toast with more maple syrup. I prefer savoury breakfasts to sweet ones, but french toast is the exception.

French toast

Of course, my all time favourite combo is french toast, maple syrup and bacon, which combines sweet and savoury. I still dream about the magnificent breakfast of canadian brioche french toast, bacon, caramelised banana, maple syrup and strawberries that I had at the Gun Shop Cafe in Brisbane on our holiday in April (the original holiday blog post here). This was for me pure pleasure.

Brioche french toast breakfast from the Gun Shop Cafe, Brisbane

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