Lunch with Juji and Jay – sushi and bakery goodies

Sushi feast
Juji and Jay came over for lunch a few weekends ago . They’d told us of their hankering for sushi, so Jac got us a feast of takeaway sushi. The jars and bottles you can see on the left are Kikkoman soy sauce, an extra bottle of sushi soy sauce, and a jar of pickled ginger. The sushi did come with pickled ginger, but Jac thought she’d need reinforcements. :) The three-striped Adidas elbow is Jay’s, as he patiently waited while I took this photo. The tablecloth was one of Jac’s Christmas presents – she has a matching apron too.

Sushi lunch feast

So – the sushi feast! Jac got two serves of “mixed sushi”, with prawn, raw salmon, omelette, teriyaki chicken, cooked tuna mayo, and california roll.

Mixed sushi

She also got a pack of cooked tuna mayo sushi, which Juji and I especially love.

Tuna mayo sushi

Jac, Juji and Jay loved the raw salmon sushi. I’ve tried over the years to eat raw fish, but I just don’t like the texture. Juji made a comment about the salmon and why it was so good – I can’t remember exactly what she said, though – Juji, can you remember? (Sorry, guys! This is what happens when I fall behind with blog posts!) I must say even though I didn’t eat any of the salmon, it did look very bright, shiny and appealing.

Raw salmon sushi

The teriyaki chicken sushi was delicious, but we all thought the rolls were a little too large. You couldn’t comfortably eat one of these in a single mouthful, and of course eating it in more than one mouthful meant the filling would spill out. The salmon and tuna mayo sushi were a perfect single mouthful size.

Teriyaki chicken sushi

So this was my plate, round one, with omelette, chicken and tuna mayo sushi, with a dipping bowl of soy sauce.

My plate, round one

Bakery goodies
As well as getting sushi, Jac stopped by a bakery and brought home several paper bags with goodies inside. With the sushi course cleared away, our eyes lit up and gleamed greedily when the bakery goodies were revealed! Jac had bought a custard and cream-filled doughnut, an apple crumble tart, a fruit tart filled with sweetened cream, and a custard tart. Juji carefully cut everything into four so no one would miss out on anything!

Bakery goodies

The cream and custard doughnut presented me with a dilemma – which should I have, cream or custard? The doughnut was a pleasure to eat – chewy, with crunchy sugar sprinkled on the outside.

Cream and custard doughnut

The apple crumble was good too – though I thought there could’ve been more apple beneath the sweet crumble.

Apple crumble

The custard was smooth and light, and once carved into four, enticingly wobbly. I’ve always loved custard in its many forms – custard tarts, custard eclairs, creme caramel, bread and butter pudding… can you think of any more yummy custard dishes? And of course, plain old instant custard made from a box and served hot in a bowl, eaten with a spoon. One of my workmates brought bread and butter pudding for lunch (for lunch itself! Not as dessert! :)) and I have now developed a terrible craving for bread and butter pudding!

Custard tart

The fruit tart was more of a cream tart garnished with fruit. Not that I’m complaining! The whipped, sweet cream looked utterly, lusciously guilt-inducing!

Cream fruit tart

As you can see, I chose a piece of doughnut filled (overfilled and oozing, actually!) with cream. I must admit, I fully intended to eat everything on my dessert plate, but after the cream-filled doughnut, custard tart and half the apple crumble tart, I had to admit defeat.

One of each!

The sushi and bakery goodies came from Victoria Park, but Jac can’t remember the names of the shops – sorry! Next time we’re in the vicinity, I will make sure to take a note of the names and will let you guys know what they are.

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