Work lunch – turkey and salad rolls

We had leftover turkey roast and vegetables to use up. Jac bought a bag of fresh bread rolls and I made us turkey and salad rolls for lunch. I made us each two rolls:
– one “plain”: turkey, lettuce and mayonnaise
– one “roast turkey special”: turkey, roasted sweet potato, cranberry sauce, lettuce and mayonnaise
These bread rolls were beautifully soft and smelled so good. As I assembled our lunches, I just couldn’t wait to eat mine.

Turkey and salad rolls

The bento note I packed with Jac’s turkey and salad rolls:

Bento note for Jac

Jac loves her sauces, so I always make sure to be generous with the mayo. There’s not much worse than a dry sandwich. Well, maybe an overly soggy sandwich. The wet/dry extremes are not to my liking in sandwiches. :)

Turkey and salad roll

I suppose I shouldn’t have been using the turkey rolls as building blocks! Jac will see this photo now and say “Aha! So this is what you get up to, early in the morning!” If my mouth was big enough, I’d have liked to have eaten my two rolls like this – like a Big Mac-ish club sandwich-style double decker mega roll. Heheheh.

Turkey and salad rolls for two

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