Food when I was sick – noodle soup and a custard scroll bun and a house update

How did I miss this post? Jac went to the shops and brought me home some takeaway chicken noodle soup – or so she thought. She ordered “chicken noodle soup” and expected chicken noodle soup, but as soon as I looked at the meat I knew it wasn’t chicken. A bite later confirmed what I suspected – pork! That in itself wasn’t a terrible problem for me, but I was a little disappointed as I’d been craving chicken noodle soup. And you’d think it would be hard for a cook to mistake pork for chicken, by sight or written on a takeaway order! (Or maybe the person Jac ordered the noodles from heard “pork” although Jac said “chicken” – yes, I know – surely not?!) The noodles, which you probably can’t see too well, were delicious springy thin egg noodles. The wantans were hefty things filled with mystery meat (usually these should be pork, but they didn’t taste particularly porky to me – definitely not as porky as the pork-not-chicken!) with very thick wantan skin, like heavy curtains flapping in the soup. Not the best. At least the noodles, choy sum (Chinese green vegetable) and broth were good. The broth was flavoursome and didn’t give me MSG thirst afterwards, which was fantastic.

Noodle soup with pork and wantans

Jac also bought me an apple and custard scroll from Baker’s Delight. The sweet apple and custard filling was rolled into the scroll bun, which was soft and chewy. I enjoyed it very much.

Custard and apple scroll

House update
We’re back in our house, which has been painted. We’re not moving out just yet – we have placed an offer on another house which has been accepted, but there are other things that need to happen re: the sale of our house and our purchase of the new house before everything is finalised. I’ll have more to tell you when that happens, but until then, I don’t want to jinx it by saying too much. If it all goes according to plan, we should be in our new house around the end of August – no exact date yet. And for those who asked – we’d planned to paint the house, to “tart it up” so it would appear more appealing to buyers. We got a buyer for our house amazingly quickly with the house not yet painted – with an offer we are very happy with – but one of the conditions of sale was that we went ahead with the paint job. We packed away our belongings so that the painters could come in and do it quickly and all in one hit – the whole house (walls, doorframes, skirting boards) was painted in three days. We’ve now got the essential things on the go – bed, fridge, computer (of course!), but most of our stuff will remain packed up and locked in garage until it’s time to move. My bento gear is in the garage at the moment too. :(

The cats are clearly happy to be home again with us. I’d been worried they’d be all sulky and stand-offish after being at the cattery, but they’ve been affectionate and just the same as always – Pixel’s been having great fun darting around and jumping on/off and in/out of boxes, and Billy Lee just finds herself the most comfy spot and goes to sleep. :)

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