House update: painting

We’ll be busy this weekend getting our house ready for the painters, who arrive at 6am on Monday morning. The paint job will take three days. We’ve booked the cats into a cattery, which will be a new adventure for them. Jac is thriving and loving every second of the cleaning and packing (she refers to it as “the cleansing process”) – we’ve really managed to stockpile a lot of junk over the 10 or so years we’ve been in this house! I’m a little stressed out and very tired, but I’m okay – there has been something else going on for me which I’ve been dealing with – all will be revealed in time (it’s related to the Big Decision I alluded to recently, and don’t worry – it is Something Good).

I hope you can be patient as blog posts and comment / email replies may be sporadic while we get through this stage. I’ll do my best to post short status updates at Twitter (follow TFPtweets on Twitter) or Facebook (The Food Pornographer’s Facebook Page), but things are kind of hectic right now. I do pine a little a lot A LOT for my blogging routine when it gets interrupted, but I keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end. I will be able to read your comments / emails / messages etc. from my mobile phone even if I can’t actively update the blog during this time, so feel free to keep chatting away! It may help me feel a little more like myself. :) Looks like this will be another milestone in the history of this blog for all of us (me, Jac and you guys)!

That’s it for now – back to the boxes.

EDIT: PS. if you missed it previously – we are selling our house and moving to (hopefully, should everything go as planned) a brand new one.

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