East Perth food, how I missed you!

Breakfast, first day back at the old job in East Perth – one of J’s mystery lunch bar toasted ham and tomato sandwiches, on multigrain bread.

Toasted ham and tomato sandwich on multigrain

The bread had been lightly buttered before toasting so it was golden-brown and extra delicious.

Toasted ham and tomato sandwich on multigrain

Lunch was from the Monday bain marie special from 88 Royal lunch bar (88a Royal St, East Perth) – fried rice and honey chicken. The syrupy honey glazed batter balls were really tasty, but I must say there wasn’t much chicken in there at all, which was a little disappointing. But I love the fried rice, which has bean sprouts, peas, egg and little pieces of Chinese barbecue pork in it.

Fried rice and honey chicken

It was a cold day, perfect for curry. Japanese chicken curry from Sushi@Royal! This is one of my favourite lunches. Sliced chicken katsu (crumbed chicken fillet) is smothered in a thick curry sauce, along with carrots, onion and potato.

Japanese chicken curry

There’s always a little garnish of red pickles, which are sweet and delicious. I’d love it if they gave more pickle, actually.

Japanese chicken curry close-up

Workmate J got herself a large sushi combination, which featured raw salmon, cooked tuna and mayo, tamago (omelette) and prawn nigiri, cooked tuna and mayo with cucumber mini sushi rolls and salmon with avocado mini sushi rolls, a mini pasta salad and a generous serving of pickled ginger.

Sushi combination

Workmate J and I got lunch from Noodlebox. I was absolutely starving and got a Regular box – we normally get the Small boxes. It was a fine day, and we ate our lunch sitting on a patch of lawn. I took a photo of J’s Small and my Regular so you could see the size difference (and what I pig I was!) :)

Noodlebox small and regular

I never order off the standard menu any more when I go to Noodlebox. It costs more to Design Your Own, but I prefer to do that so I can have whatever I want in my noodle stir-fry. This has pretty much become my standard order: thick egg noodles, chicken, fish cake, tofu and bok choy, with oyster sauce. Sometimes I have egg as well, but by then we’re look at a $16 box of noodles, which is pretty expensive 1) for a regular lunch 2) a noodle stir-fry. Without egg, it’s more like $14-something, which is still on the expensive side, but I can’t go past chicken, fish cake and tofu – yum.

Design my own noodles (Noodlebox)

While I was at Sushi@Royal on Tuesday I noticed a sign on the counter advertising burgers! Chicken and fish katsu burgers, and teriyaki chicken and beef burgers. Next time, I told myself. Next time came on Thursday, and I got myself a chicken katsu burger.

Chicken katsu burger

We watched the burger being assembled – first, lettuce leaves arranged on the bun. Then the chicken katsu was chopped into two pieces and placed on the lettuce. Then, on top of the chicken, sliced fresh tomato, cucumber and onion. Then a generous drizzling of barbecue sauce and mayonnaise, followed by a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Boy, did it look good. I couldn’t wait to pick it up and sink my teeth into that soft bun and crispy chicken katsu.

Chicken katsu burger innards

The burger is AU$6.00 on its own. For AU$8.00 you get fries too. No prizes for guessing which option I chose! Well, in the name of food blogging, I just had to see what Sushi@Royal’s fries were like! :-P When I ordered the chicken katsu burger and fries, I was pleased when they asked me if I wanted the fries with regular salt or chicken salt. Of course I chose chicken salt! They were nice and crispy and very well seasoned. A thumbs up for the chicken katsu burger and fries.


Workmate J got herself chicken katsudon. It looked and smelled really good. I must have it myself sometime. I shared my fries with J – she decided she’d have to try the burger for herself in the near future.

Katsu don

Another lunch from Sushi@Royal, a chicken karaage set. The fried chicken is quite greasy, but it’s so juicy, and tastes so fresh and gingery. I dip the chicken pieces into the blob of mayonnaise next to the salad, and it’s so good.

Chicken karaage set - oh yeah, fried chicken

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