Breakfast at Bar One

Home alone with no one to talk to. Seems appropriate that this is what I’m posting tonight.

I met up with my friend Chad for breakfast last month at Bar One, in the QV1 complex in the city. Please excuse the quality of the photos – it was very dark in there (besides steam from hot food, TFP’s other photography enemy is darkness!). Chad ordered poached eggs with toast. Once again, I looked at the poached eggs and was instantly reminded of a certain part of male anatomy. This has happened before when I’ve looked at poached eggs. O_O*

Poached eggs with toast

I ordered the pancakes with vanilla, cream and maple syrup with caramelised banana. Rather than “pancakes”, I received one large fluffy pancake, sliced in two. The other half is obscured in the photo, but I assure you, I did have a whole pancake on the plate.

Pancakes with vanilla, cream and maple syrup with banana

Whenever I order pancakes, I like to order a side of bacon to make my favourite breakfast meal – pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. It’s even better if there’s caramelised banana, which I love, and cream, which I also love.

A side of bacon

Here’s my plate with the bacon – now THAT looked much better! I was overjoyed (and immediately guilt-ridden, as I knew I would eat it all) to discover that the cream dolloped on top was thick, luscious double cream. Most of the time when I’m given cream with pancakes, it’s simply whipped single cream, not the thick, indulgent stuff. It was soooo good. And what I love about double cream is it doesn’t melt as quickly as single cream. So I was able to take photos to my heart’s content without the blob of cream losing its shape and liquidising before my very eyes. This was so good.

Pancakes with vanilla, cream and maple syrup with banana with a side of bacon

As usual, it was fun catching up with Chad. We don’t see each other or talk as often as we should – we’re just so busy these days. But when we go get together we just pick things up right where we left them and talk and laugh and gossip and rant. It seems silly that I “talk” everyday to JetGirl who lives in Texas, but I catch up with Chad only every few months – and she lives like, 10 minutes away by car! Between the hours I work and the crazier hours Chad works (plus, she is a real social butterfly with loads more friends than me, so I have to be content to get my little share of Chad :)), it’s just practical for our get-togethers to be scheduled way in advance. All I’ll say is thank goodness for the Internet, because without it I’d be even more antisocial than I am now. :)

*Imagine, in an “I see dead people!” voice: “I see testicles!” Heeeheheheh. Random memory: this reminds me of years ago when I was a waiter and The Day Jason was Plagued by Breasts – for some reason all day we had women breast-feeding in the cafe, and poor Jason didn’t know where to look. The coffee-maker (because back then we didn’t use terms like “barista”) Nathan tormented him by adding extra froth to the top of all the cappucinos to make nipples. Mwahahaha. The rest of us were in stitches the whole shift.

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