Not suitable for inhalation

One morning on my way to work I saw people in the city dressed as hippies, running around and handing out these little packets. It was the first day of spring, and this was a “spring lamb” promotion. In the little baggies was rosemary, which we’re supposed to to flavour our spring lamb with. What a shame they couldn’t give out meat samples instead of these freebie herbs! LOL. Not that I carry an esky around with me to work for random meat giveaways. Heheheh.

Spring lamb promotion

But see what it says on the instructions: "Not suitable for inhalation". *Snort* – I think they meant "Don’t smoke this"! I mean come on, look at that twig in there – who would INHALE that? And even if this were the “smokable green stuff”, it’s not “inhaled”- it’s “smoked” (yes, yes, I know inhalation is part of the process of smoking – let’s face it, we call some of you “smokers”, not “inhalers”!). Haw haw haw. XD

Spring lamb promotion - not suitable for inhalation

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