Breakfast at Niche Cafe

We were at the shops recently and Jac had a craving for eggs benedict. She asked if I’d mind if we ate breakfast at Niche Cafe. Regular readers may remember that cafe as the Burger Fail cafe. :)

I decided to stay clear of the burgers this time and ordered bacon and scrambled eggs with toast.

Bacon, scrambled eggs and thick toast

The eggs were a glorious bright yellow, but ruined by overcooking. Sadly, they were terribly dry.

Dry scrambled eggs

I liked the stripey bacon – always love bacon that has both lean and fat on it.


Jac enjoyed her eggs benedict, which was saucy and layered generously with slices of ham. You may notice only one side had pepper on it – Jac did that, not the cafe. :)

Eggs benedict

The thick toast was perfect for soaking up the thick hollandaise sauce and the gooey egg yolks. We both enjoyed the thick toast – I know I’ve said many a time I always prefer a thick slice of bread I can bite into and really have a good chew of. A couple of my readers have mentioned that Tip Top now has a thicker “Texas” bread (thanks, guys!) – I must check it out next time I’m at the supermarket.

Eggs benedict close-up

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