Pie, bun, tart

A chicken pie from Brumby’s bakery. Mmm, it smelled great.

Chicken pie from Brumby's

Chunks of chicken, with peas and corn kernels in a nicely seasoned white sauce. The pastry was crisp. I really enjoyed eating my pastry crescent moon.

Chicken pie from Brumby's - innards

An iced cinnamon bun, also from Brumby’s. A little too strong on the cinnamon, I thought, but yummy all the same.

Iced cinnamon bun from Brumby's

A portugese egg tart from Woolworth’s supermarket – this was really good. The custard was perfect on the three “s” of custard – sweet, smooth and soft. The pastry was flaky and chewy. I must have one of these again soon.

Portugese egg tart

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