Experimental pie

This was one of Jac’s experimental dinners – she cooked up some beef mince and mixed it with vegetarian mince (I know, I know, not TFP food! :-P She bought the vegetarian mince sometime ago and wanted to use it up), bought some frozen shortcrust pastry and made pies!

Three pies

She served me a pie with steamed vegetables on the side – broccoli, carrot and cauliflower.


The beef-and-vegetarian mince tasted surprisingly OK – though I don’t think I’d ever choose to eat vegetarian mince again. There’s a certain rubbery-ness about it that I don’t like. :-P

Pie innards

There was leftover mince and pastry but no more ramekins to make more pies, so Jac made a selection of mince puffs. They were nice with tomato sauce.


She also made these morsels she called banana pastry bites – mashed bits of banana baked in blobs of pastry. I ate them afterwards as dessert with a little maple syrup.

Banana pastry bites

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