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I mentioned sometime ago that a new donut franchise has opened in Perth – Dreamy Donuts, originally from Queensland, have opened an outlet at Carousel Shopping Centre in Cannington. We bought a Dreamy Assortment – the most expensive boxed option ($18-something, from memory) – 6 different donuts, which you can choose from the full range of glazed, traditional and filled. Top, L-R: Double choc mousse, passionfruit, rocky road. Bottom, L-R: Blueberry, coffee tiramisu, strawberry cream.

Dreamy Assorted 6-pack

I didn’t try the rocky road donut – it looked pretty good though.

Rocky road donut from Dreamy Donuts

Just for comparison, here’s a photo of Krispy Kreme’s rocky road donut (from our Hamilton Island holiday). I think I find the KK one more visually appealing because of the drizzle of bright red syrup, and the abundance of mini marshmallows on top. I love mini things!

Rocky road donut from Krispy Kreme

Regular readers will remember my first experience of Dreamy Donuts, when I bought what I thought was a strawberry cream filled donut but was actually a cheesecake-filled donut apparently disguised as a strawberry cream filled donut (see the post – Donut disappointment). Well, I finally got to taste the real thing, and unfortunately discovered I didn’t like it!

Strawberry cream filled donut

The donut itself had a lovely chewy texture that I loved, but the strawberry cream filling had a flavour that reminded me of toothpaste. When I was a child, I used this “Punch and Judy” brand strawberry-flavoured toothpaste which tasted quite ghastly, a kind of medicinal strawberry! (Yes, ewww!) This donut filling, sadly, brought those memories back. Not good! I ended up eating around the filling and leaving the pink blob behind. :) Note: I’m not suggesting everyone will find the strawberry cream filling in this donut “medicinal” in flavour – obviously I am still traumatised by bad childhood memories of toothpaste. LOL :)

Strawberry cream donut innards

My verdict on the coffee tiramisu donut: needs a stronger taste of coffee! It was supposed to be topped with chocolate sprinkles, but they’d run out of the sprinkles that day.

Coffee tiramisu donut

Jac ate the blueberry donut on her own. She said it was OK, but didn’t think she’d be rushing to have another.

Blueberry donut

The double chocolate mousse donut was nice, but I thought the chocolate mousse filling could’ve been more chocolatey.

Double chocolate mousse donut

I was also very disappointed with the passionfruit donut. It looked good – plump, with speckles of black passionfruit seeds in the yellow glaze. But honestly, I could not taste passionfruit at all. It just tasted like a sugary sweet glaze. Again, the donut itself had a lovely texture, but I’d expected a particular flavour which just wasn’t there.

Passionfruit donut

I guess overall we weren’t that impressed with Dreamy Donuts. I liked the texture of the donuts themselves, but my main gripe was their flavour – the passionfruit wasn’t passionfruity enough, the coffee tiramisu wasn’t coffee enough… I was disappointed – I’d been hoping to find donuts locally that would rival Krispy Kremes, which we still cannot get in Perth. For me, Krispy Kreme still reigns supreme, and I think we will continue to buy Krispy Kremes from the airport whenever we travel over East.

Dreamy Donuts box

PS. I know Krispy Kremes are not to everyone’s taste, and I can see why some people would find them overly sweet. :)

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