Pizza chains love people who move house

It had been a tough night of packing, with plenty of perspiration and a few short tempered moments (I can be quite a spitfire, you know! LOL). Cooking dinner was out of the question – enter Dominos pizza! I think it saved the marriage that evening! :D We ordered two pizzas plus a couple of sides, enough for dinner and leftovers. My choice: chicken italiano on thin n crispy crust.

Chicken Italiano on Thin n Crispy Crust

I really like this pizza – it’s topped with tomato sauce, extra mozzarella cheese and onion, mushroom, fresh tomato slices, Don smoked bacon, seasoned chicken, fresh garlic and oregano. I just love fresh garlic and fresh tomato slices on a pizza.

Chicken Italiano on Thin n Crispy Crust - close-up

Jac chose The 70s Lot on classic crust. It’s topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, onion, capsicum, mushroom, pineapple, beef, shredded cotto, olives, fresh garlic and oregano.

The 70s Lot

Jac prefers the classic crust but always leaves the pizza crust edges behind! She’ll eat all the rest of the pizza and just leave these bits on her plate like you would melon rinds. Except that I eat those pizza crust edge bits (I don’t eat melon rinds)! :-P

The 70s Lot - close-up

We’ve become quite partial to the Chicken Kickers – we get the mild ones, which still have a nice spiciness to them. They usually come with ranch dip, but I like eating them without any sauce.

Dominos Chicken Kickers

Jac always gets the Caesar salad – the basic one without chicken. I thought this time they’d been very skimpy with the shaved parmesan. We don’t tend to eat the salad with the dressing it comes with – it’s a lemon pepper creamy dressing, which I think is strange – why sell a Caesar salad with a dressing that’s not Caesar dressing? Sometimes Jac will pick away at the salad and eat it without a dressing (unusual for Jac, who loves heavy dressings, especially creamy dressings), sometimes she’ll grab a dressing from the fridge – whatever we have that she’s in the mood for, or just add plain old mayo to the salad.

Caesar salad

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