We got the house keys! Let’s go to Spencer Village!

On the night we got the keys, we spent some time just walking around in the empty house, excited and amazed that this was really going to be our new home. We made plans – things to do leading up to the move – and lists of things we needed to get for the house. Eventually of course, we got hungry. We decided to celebrate our new house with a meal at Spencer Village.

We shared a serve of popiah from Fook Kee. We always order it minus chilli. I guess I’m a wuss, but I find the chilli burns my mouth and then I don’t end up tasting much else!


Popiah innards

We also ordered a plate of chai tow kway from Fook Kee to share. It’s always so tasty – cooked to order and served fresh and hot from the wok, the bean sprouts are crisp without tasting raw, and the cubes of radish cake have golden-brown caramelised edges on them – that’s my favourite part, the extra salty, savoury, crispy slightly burnt bits. :-P

Chai tow kway

We also shared a plate of fried bee hoon (thin rice noodles) from Penang Cuisine. The thin rice noodles were stir-fried with egg, bean sprouts, carrot, cabbage, chicken and prawns.

Penang fried bee hoon

Lunch the next day
I bought some takeaway from Fook Kee for my work lunch the next day – loh mai kai (glutinous chicken rice) with sticky saucy pieces of sliced barbecue pork and a succulent piece of chicken thigh meat buried in the centre of the sticky rice – I just wish these were bigger, double their size, even.

Glutinous chicken rice

I also got char siu pow (barbecue pork steamed bun). I love the sweet porky filling with that fluffy, chewy bun. I think next time I have this combo (glutinous chicken rice and steam bun) I will make it two buns – a second char siu pow or one char siu and one red bean, for sweets. :D

Char siu pow innards

Of course, we’ve moved into our new house already and are happily settling in. I do mention from time to time that there’s a delay between taking photos, writing the posts, publishing the posts and what’s actually happening NOW. :D

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