Bacon hock and lentil soup with mini egg pies for lunch

I really enjoyed this work lunch – bacon hock and lentil soup made by my younger sister Juji, which I ate with leftover mini pies.

Soup and mini pies for lunch

I microwaved the bacon and egg and caramelised onion pies, so they were kind of floppy and chewy. But they smelled glorious and were still a surprisingly tasty companion to the soup.

Mini bacon and egg pies, mini caramelised onion pies

The soup was fantastic! Lots of chunks of bacon hock, with lentils, carrots, potato, cabbage and celery. The bacon hock and lentils gave the soup a very pea and ham-flavour and texture, which I love – I hope if Juji makes this soup again, she’ll set some more aside for her sister! :-P

Bacon hock and lentil soup with lots of vegetables

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