September birthdays afternoon tea

Last month, we had a family afternoon tea at my folks’ home to celebrate my sister Juji and my dad’s birthdays (my brother’s birthday is also in September, but his official celebration was at the recent 62nd birthday party). Everyone brought something along for afternoon tea, and it was quite a feast!

Jac and I made mini bacon and egg pies.

Bacon and egg pies close-up

We also made a few caramelised onion pies too. Jac usually uses shortcrust but I was really in a puff pastry mood, so she made them with puff for a change.

Bacon and egg pies, mushroom and caramelised onion pies

Juji made mini Portugese custard tarts. When I laid my eyes on these babies, I couldn’t wait to try one.

Portugese custard tarts

Portugese custard tarts close-up

The tarts were flavoured with real vanilla – see those little black specks in the custard? The sweet custard was lovely. It was hard to stop at one or two tarts!

Portugese custard tart close-up

We brought the little pies to the party in my cake carrier. We’d warm the pies in my parents’ oven before serving.

Bacon and egg pies and mushroom and caramelised onion pies - to go

My brother and sister-in-law made a batch of brie and leek tarts. We’d really enjoyed these at the 62nd birthday party, so they were eagerly received.

Brie and leek tarts

Juji also made mini sausage rolls. They looked and smelled magnificent – I LOVE sausage rolls, especially homemade ones.

Mini sausage rolls

My eldest sister CW made three different kinds of sandwiches – ham, hard-boiled egg, and cucumber dipped in vinegar. I’m always partial to boiled egg sandwiches and was quite greedy over those. :-P I was thrilled to see the cucumber in vinegar combo – in Famous Five book #7 Five Go Off to Camp, the Five picnic on sandwiches that include ham and lettuce, egg, sardine, and cucumber dipped in vinegar! :D Hehah!


My plate, round one (believe me, there were quite a few rounds)- an egg and bacon pie and two mini sausage rolls, one with tomato sauce.

My plate of hot savouries

Mum made the birthday cake – one of her freshly homebaked super-moist banana cakes.

Birthday banana cake

We had a second birthday cake, mainly for Dad – a special diabetic fruit cake (or, more accurately, a diabetic-friendly fruitcake, with no added sugar – see this old post for the diabetic fruit cake recipe).

Birthday cakes

There was enough cake for everyone to have some on the day and take some home for later. :D

Banana cake

I’m not as fond of the diabetic fruit cake – but it’s good that Dad can eat cake too.

No added sugar diabetic-friendly fruit cake

I love the banana cake – you can smell the banana, you can see the banana. It tastes so very bananary (yes, I made up the word “bananary”) – oh! It’s just so beautiful and delicious!

A slice of banana cake

Little Ruby had a great time – she loves eating! When presented with a ham sandwich, she immediately pulled the sandwich apart and devoured the ham first! She’s a meatlover like her Auntie TFP (and most of her extended family, for that matter!). She got through quite a few ham sandwiches – I think they were her favourite item of the day.

Ruby - quite a big girl now!

And here’s Zoe! She started on solid foods recently. She enjoyed her pureed cooked pears very much. I love her rosy chubby cheeks. I can’t wait till she can join in and fully enjoy the family feasts too! :D

Zoe: these, my friends, are CHEEKS!

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