Toasted wrap from MYO

Sometimes, I get lunch from MYO (135 Royal St, East Perth, next to Sushi @ Royal). My favourite thing to make is a toasted wrap. I have to be in the mood to get lunch from MYO though – I have to be in the mood to assemble the sandwich and then wait while it toasts. Sometimes that just feels like too much effort – when I’m having a bad day and am feeling grumpy, or if I’m starving and want something really QUICK, there’s no way I will be bothered or have the patience. :-P

MYO wrap

At the moment, every wrap I make contains these fillings (as long as they are all available that day): chicken, semi sundried tomatoes, pickles, mushrooms, pineapple, corn kernels, fruit chutney. Sometimes I’ll include capsicum, fresh tomato and swiss cheese too. I’m a creature of habit, and once I find something I like, I tend to stick to it. :)

Wrap from MYO - innards

I love the crackle of the warm toasted wrap as I bite into it. Mmm, it’s good.

Wrap from MYO - innards

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