Sausage sizzle at home

Jac fried sausages and onions and bought fresh bread rolls so that we could make our very own sausage sizzle at home for dinner.

Sausage sizzle

We’re big fans of fried onions and usually find that sausage sizzles are quite stingy with the onions, leaving us wishing for more. At home, Jac cooked up a big batch of onions, frying them until they were caramelised, brown, sweet and soft. We could pile on the onions to our hearts’ content! Here is my first bun, with sausage, onions and barbecue sauce.

Sausages, onions and barbecue sauce

My second bun, with sausage, onions and tomato sauce. I couldn’t pick which I preferred, barbecue sauce or tomato sauce. That’s why I had one of each! :D

Sausage, onions and tomato sauce in a bun

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