Hazelnut Roll, RIP

I posted a link on the TFP Facebook page to a news story – Nestle buyout kills iconic ice creams. I was devastated to find out that the Hazelnut Roll ice cream will no longer be available once the current stocks run out. I don’t eat a lot of ice cream, but there are two ice creams I absolutely love – one is the Pine Lime Splice, and the other is the Hazelnut Roll. If you’re not familiar with the old Hazelnut Roll, as it says on the rainbow foil packaging, it’s a “choc coated vanilla and hazelnut flavoured ice cream”.

Hazelnut Roll

The chocolate coating reminds me of Ice Magic (see Wikipedia entry on Magic Shell) – it crackles just like Ice Magic when you bite into it. It’s one of the sensations I associate with my childhood – my childhood once we we’d migrated to Australia, though; we never had Ice Magic in Malaysia.

Hazelnut Roll, before the first bite

I love the ice cream inside because it’s not too sweet. My only complaint was that Hazelnut Rolls should be longer, or available in a jumbo or king size. Well, now my revised complaint is they’re no longer making them. So sad.

Hazelnut Roll, nom nom

You can still find them in the ice cream freezers at some shops – only as individual ice creams, not in the 4-packs – so if you like them, or want to try them, I’d hurry – there are not many left out there.

If you want the Hazelnut Roll to make a comeback, Like this Facebook page so we can all tell Nestle: Bring back the Hazelnut Roll! ***

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