Turkey bacon = bacon FAIL

Jac bought turkey bacon for a change, and fried it up with eggs for our breakfast. I had a couple of slices of turkey bacon with an egg (yep, over easy, also for a change – I usually have sunny side up), with two slices of fluffy fresh white bread, one spread thickly with kaya.

Turkey bacon with egg over easy and bread with kaya

Jac made herself a turkey bacon and egg sandwich on multigrain bread.

Turkey bacon and fried egg sandwich

As it was cooking, the turkey bacon smelled pretty good – not exactly the same as bacon, but close. But when it came to its texture and taste – FAIL! It just felt wrong – it had the soft texture of a reconstituted meat product (not enough chew!) and came sliced much too thin. It didn’t feel good at all as I chewed it, and it didn’t taste so great either. So disappointing. I didn’t finish my two slices, which says a lot – it’s rare that I leave anything on my plate! What is strange is I am sure I’ve eaten turkey bacon before – and I don’t remember it being quite so objectionable (though if you think about it, how could turkey ever = bacon?). o_O

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