Hungry Jack’s Grilled Chicken Burger… and other burger thoughts

Thank goodness it’s Friday.

Since we’re on a junk food theme, here’s more! The chicken looked a little burnt (“A little?!” you’ve probably scoffed, looking at the photo!) this time, but it tasted great. Along with the Whopper, the Grilled Chicken Burger is one of my favourite burgers from Hungry Jack’s. I always order one or the other. Jac’s standard order is a Bacon Deluxe with heavy lettuce and onion. She’s told me how she used to love the HJs Yumbo back in the 80s – I remember seeing it on the menu but never ordered one. It was basically a ham and melted cheese burger. Anyone else remember the Yumbo? (Googling Hungry Jack’s Yumbo brings up a bunch of sites with people saying “Bring back the Yumbo!”)

Hungry Jack's Grilled Chicken Burger

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