Chicken Treat Hawaiian Pack

Chicken Treat Hawaiian Pack, with a quarter chicken, chips and two pineapple rings. I always ask for a leg, which means I’ll get a thigh and drumstick – I’m always very disappointed if I’m given a breast and wing instead, which occasionally happens.

Chicken Treat Hawaiian Pack

I wish wish wish they’d bring back the crumbed bananas – Hawaiian packs were the best when you got the chicken and chips with one pineapple ring and one banana. And not just a half banana, like they’ve done in recent times – a whole delicious crumbed banana, crispy and golden on the outside, sweet, soft and yellow in the inside. Damn, just writing about it right now makes me really wish I had one now. And I never got to try the Chicken Treat Banana Bites when they were available – my sister Juji’s told me how good they were. Did any of you from WA get to try them? Aaargh, intense deep-fried crumbed banana craving!!!!!

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