Work lunch – teriyaki chicken from Jaws Mint

Workmate J and I grabbed takeaway lunches from Jaws Mint (on Hay Street, opposite the Perth Mint). We each got a small teriyaki chicken. The chicken looked so juicy, the brown skin so moist and shiny, the teriyaki sauce soaked into the perfectly clumpy rice underneath – I just couldn’t wait to eat this!

Teriyaki chicken

Workmate J got a serve of seaweed salad to go with her teriyaki chicken.

Teriyaki chicken and seaweed

I’ve never been a big fan of this stuff – but as soon as workmate J lifted the lid, I must admit the smell of the sesame oil dressing was most enticing.


Along with my teriyaki chicken, I bought a 4-pack of tuna mayo sushi.

Teriyaki chicken and tuna mayo sushi

In the centre of the sushi rolls with the tuna and mayo mix were pieces of avocado and cucumber. Usually in sushi you get either avocado or cucumber, so it was nice to get both.

Tuna mayo sushi

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