Meatloaf, green beans and the potato bake from hell

Jac bought a meatloaf from the butcher at the Bentley Centre. I’ve been spoilt by Jac’s delicious homemade meatloaf, so I was sceptical – how good could a bought, pre-made meatloaf be? I was to be pleasantly surprised and very impressed! As she sliced the meatloaf, it looked and smelled unbelievable! I couldn’t wait to sink my fork and teeth in!


She served the meatloaf with steamed green beans and a potato bake she made and christened “potato bake from hell”.

Meatloaf, green beans and potato bake from hell

She didn’t follow a recipe to make this potato bake – I don’t know exactly how she prepared it, but I do know there were potatoes, mushrooms, spring onions, lashings of cream and lots and lots of cheese. It was delicious!

Jac's potato bake from hell

But my favourite item on the plate was the meatloaf. It had a lovely thin layer of caramelised crust on top, and the meatloaf itself was flavoursome, moist and simply delicious. I had leftover meatloaf and barbecue sauce in toasted sandwiches the next couple of days – I was in heaven!

Meatloaf close-up

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