A shared bacon and egg burger

We went to swapmeet a few Sundays ago. I was a little grumpy about it at first. Usually, I find it hard to sleep in on weekend, even if I’m tired – I wake up for apparently no reason much too early and once my eyes open my brain gets going and refuses to let me fall back to sleep. (It’s usually a struggle shutting my brain down in the first place to let me fall asleep the night before.) So anyway, on this Sunday, I was actually still in bed at 6am, feeling like I would stay in bed a while longer – but Jac said I should get up so we could go to swapmeet. We hadn’t been to swapmeet for a long time, and she reeeeally wanted to go – I didn’t want to disappoint her, so I got up. A little cranky, but I got showered and dressed and ready to go.

Swapmeet was good – I found some great book bargains (always, I buy books). We got hungry and shared a bacon and egg burger with fried onions and BBQ sauce. I found a spot out of the way to sit and take photos of it before we ate. I saw a few people looking curiously at me though (“Oh dear, look at the silly tourist!” Hahaha)

Bacon and egg burger with fried onions and BBQ sauce

There wasn’t enough filling – every mouthful was mostly bread. But the burger was made to order and the freshly fried bacon, eggs and onions were tasty. Even if the bacon was wafer-thin.

Bacon and egg burger with fried onions and BBQ sauce innards

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