Dinner – turkey bolognese with garlic and salt pizza

Jac asked me what I felt like eating for dinner, and I told her pasta bolognese. She said that was what she’d cook. For the next little while, we were each in our favourite rooms in the house – she, in the kitchen, cooking. Me, in my study on the computer. Some time later, she called me to dinner.

I emerged from my study expecting to see bowls of pasta, but instead I found Jac grinning and slicing up a crispy garlic and salt pizza.

Garlic and salt pizza

She’d used a thin and crispy pizza base from the supermarket, brushed it with butter and olive oil and topped it with crushed fresh garlic, salt and parsley before baking it in the oven. It smelled absolutely wonderful.

Garlic and salt pizza close-up

I started with two slices but in the end I think I ate about four! :D

Garlic and salt pizza close-up

The only minced meat we happened to have in the house was turkey mince, so that’s what Jac used. As I munched on my first couple of slices of pizza, she served up turkey bolognese on the linguine pasta. It looked great, all bright and red and juicy, with plenty of turkey mince, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions.

Turkey bolognese

I ate a couple of slices of pizza dipped into the pasta sauce. Mmm, it was good. This was one of the tastiest bolognese sauces EVER! I said to Jac “Make sure you remember EXACTLY what you did so you can do it again!” :D

Turkey bolognese with garlic and salt pizza

There was some bolognese left, so Jac froze some and used the rest to make a few turkey bolognese puffs!

Turkey bolognese puffs

Mmm, bolognese in puff pastry is good too.

Turkey bolognese puff innards

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