Sunday breakfast on the patio

Sunday breakfast on our patio! We never had a patio at the old house. Well, we planned to build one but never got around to it (when we sold the house, it was still patio-less). As you can see, someone had a full breakfast fry-up, and someone else had a toasted sandwich. I’m sure it’s easy to guess who had what! :D In the Mr Busy mug is my tea. We bought the mug at swapmeet on the previous weekend. We also got a Little Miss Trouble mug which Jac has claimed as her own. In the plastic IKEA tumbler I have 100% apple juice with ice cubes. On Jac’s side of the table is the Sunday Times TV Guide – we read the Sunday papers over breakfast. We are still to buy a proper outdoor setting. We’re sitting on benches we brought with us from the old house and the table is a trestle table we bought from Officeworks. :-P

Sunday breakfast on the patio

Jac sandwich: bacon, fried egg with gooey egg yolk, lashings of barbecue sauce.

Jac's bacon and egg toasted sandwich

My fry-up: bacon, two fried eggs, baked beans.

My breakfast fry-up

My two slices of toast, one spread with strawberry jam, the other with kaya.

Toast with strawberry jam and kaya

I love bacon, la la la!

Bacon close-up

My fried eggs, topped with freshly cracked black pepper – just perfect.

Fried eggs close-up

Pixel sat on the bench next to Jac, sniffing intently, eyeing the bacon scraps on Jac’s plate (no such things on my plate! :-P)

Pixel can smell bacon!

She glared at me as if to say “Why won’t you meanies give me bacon?”

Or perhaps this was her attempt at hypnosis.

Why won't you meanies give me bacon?!

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