Dinner – garlic prawns, bread and salad

This was a fantastic dinner! Garlic prawns, fresh bread and salad.

Garlic prawns, bread and salad

The salad included mixed greens, sugar snap peas, cucumber, grape tomatoes and hard-boiled egg. I added a little freshly cracked black pepper on the egg and tomato.

Salad with  hard-boiled egg

Jac served the bread unbuttered. The garlicky oil would provide plenty of flavour for the bread.

Garlic prawns with bread

You see the garlic and oil in this bowl? I confess – I consumed it all, with my bread and prawns. It wasn’t a very big bowl, honest! :-P When I was finished, the only things left were the empty bowl and the prawn tails, from which I had totally sucked out all the prawn meat. :)

Garlic prawns

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