Dinner and bento – ginger chicken and vegetable stir-fry with rice

Jac cooked a chicken and vegetable stir-fry, flavoured with garlic and ginger. She served it in a big bowl on freshly cooked rice. It was delicious, with carrots, beans, onions and champignons, tender pieces of chicken thigh meat and gingery gravy soaked into the rice. Jac doesn’t really like ginger, but she cooks dishes like ginger chicken because she knows how much I love it. I think it’s wonderful of her to indulge me like that. Ginger chicken has been one of my favourites since I was a little girl with my hair in pig-tails, growing up in Malaysia. :)

Ginger chicken and vegetable stir-fry

I packed lunch for myself the next day – leftover ginger chicken and vegetable stir-fry with rice, and strawberries and prunes. It tasted just as good the next day at work, if not better! I was secretly very proud of the delicious aroma that filled the kitchen as I heated up my lunch in the microwave. “Yep, that’s my lunch.” :D

Bento - ginger chicken and vegetable stir-fry and rice, strawberries and prunes

The bento gear
The lunch box is called Decor Tellfresh Quarters, which can be purchased from many Woolworths or Coles supermarkets, for around AU$7.00 each (often less than that!). They come with four of removable white compartments (hence “Quarters

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