Dinner – takeaway sushi and salad

I met Jac at the shops after work. We had a couple of bills to pay and I needed to buy vitamins. After we’d done those tasks, just as I was about to say “I’m really tired. Could we just get some dinner and go home?” Jac looked at me and said “Do you mind if we just grab some takeaway dinner and go home? I’m too tired to do the grocery shopping tonight.” Great minds think alike, or in this case, tired minds! :D

We headed straight to the food hall. Jac went to Nagano Sushi to get herself a sushi combo.

Sushi combo

She also bought a seaweed salad. She should get together with my workmates, who are all big Japanese seaweed salad fans.

Seaweed salad

I got my favourite Sumo Salad salad – it’s one of their Express Salads – the roast chicken penne salad, with spring onions, semi sun-dried tomatoes and an oil and lemon dressing. It’s very tasty. It can be served hot or cold. I like it either way.

Roasted chicken penne salad

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