Dinner and bento – fried rice with Don strasburg sausage

Jac used up the last of the strasburg sausage, chicken, corn and green beans and cooked up a batch of fried rice. She flavoured it with Maggi Original Seasoning. (On the Nestle Australia Maggi Asian Sauces page, they refer to it as Maggi Liquid Seasoning – in the picture of sauce bottles, it’s second from the right. It’s available at Woolworth’s and I presume Coles too) We ate the fried rice for dinner. It was delicious!

Fried rice with Don strasburg sausage

I packed us bento lunches the next day with fried rice, orange wedges and strawberries.

Bento lunches - fried rice and fruit

In Jac’s lunchbox, I included something extra – dried apricots. She loves them, I don’t like them. :)

Bento lunch - fried rice and fruit

And of course, I also doodled her a bento note:*

Bento note for Jac

*Note: this post is very late! My bento note referred to this shared bacon and egg burger, posted a few weeks ago.

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