A feed of pizza home delivery with extra bits. Well actually, it goes further than a single feed…

First, Domino’s cheesy garlic bread.

Dominos cheesy garlic bread

We like this a lot more than the original garlic bread. I guess it’s the magic of cheese – it’s just a lot tastier than the ordinary garlic bread.

Dominos cheesy garlic bread close-up

Domino’s chicken carbonara. It’s very creamy! You can buy it in an edible puff pastry bowl or in a carton now. When I opened the carton, I thought it looked and smelled great. Alas – once we got about a third of the way down the carton it became obvious that the bacon, mushroom and chicken were all at the top – the rest of the content was mostly pasta and creamy sauce.

Dominos chicken carbonara

Jac likes the caesar salad – the fresh cos lettuce helps break down the richness of the pizza, I suppose (though if you eat the bacon and parmesan in the salad that’ll add to the richness of the meal).

Dominos Caesar salad

I chose the chicken italiano pizza on thin n crispy crust.

Chicken Italiano pizza

Jac chose a pizza we hadn’t tried before – the garlic prawn pizza, with spinach, fresh tomato (cut into little juicy cubes) and creamy Alfredo sauce.

Garlic prawn pizza -OMG

Before I saw it, I wasn’t sure if I’d like the prawn pizza – I’ve had prawns on pizza before and it was always disappointing – pathetic tiny chewy tinned prawns. But these prawns, although small, were close to bursty. I was surprised and impressed.

Garlic prawn pizza -OMG

My plate

Chicken carbonara close-up

Cheesy garlic bread close-up

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