Dinner at Spencer Village – it’s been too long!

We haven’t been to Spencer Village for such a long time. I just had to order hainan chicken rice and a can of A&W root beer. This is one of my favourite combinations ever.

There aren’t many things better than salty delicious chicken rice with a cold can of root beer. I could have this for lunch or dinner or breakfast. If only Spencer Village opened early enough – this would be such an awesome breakfast. As it is, I’ve eaten it for brunch at Spencer Village, but it would be so great to be able to eat it at my normal breakfast time, which is usually somewhere between 5.00 and 7.30am. :D

Hainan chicken rice and A&W Root Beer

Did I tell you how much I love chicken rice? LOL. When I’m finished, there’s not a grain of rice left on that plate. Just a pile of chicken bones I’ve totally sucked dry.

Hainan chicken rice

Jac ordered popiah and yong tow food from Fook Kee with a glass of coconut juice from the drinks stall. On particularly hot summer days, she sometimes orders two glasses of coconut juice because one is just not enough.

Popiah and yong tow foo and coconut juice

Jac usually orders her popiah without chilli but forgot this time. The chilli was pretty spicy! Thank goodness for that tall glass of icy cold coconut juice. And that second glass of coconut juice. Heheheh.

Popiah with chilli

When Jac orders yong tow foo, I get to eat the fish balls she doesn’t like, which is fine by me. I’m always glad to help. :D

Yong tow foo

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