The cats in the garage

We still have lots of unpacked boxes and junk in the garage that we need to work through and tidy up before we can actually fit the car in there. Does this scenario sound familiar to any of you guys? We also use the garage to store Jac’s gardening tools, items we’ve bought in bulk from the cash and carry (e.g. tins of baked beans and tins of corn kernels, cartons of soy milk, toilet paper etc.), our much neglected bicycles and other bits and pieces. Not surprisingly, with all this interesting stuff in there, the cats love hanging out in the garage.

Pixel in a wheelbarrow in the garage

Shortly after I took these photos, Billy Lee jumped up into the wheelbarrow and kicked Pixel off. Even though there’s plenty of room for the two of them in there, Billy Lee just did not want to share. And because she’s bigger, taller and twice as heavy as Pixel, Billy Lee’s the boss.

Pixel in a wheelbarrow in the garage, Billy Lee on a sunbeam

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