Friday night hot dogs

I love hot dogs! We made hot dogs for dinner one Friday night when we were both exhausted from work and wanted something quick and yummy.

Don Skin-On Hot Dogs

I’ve grown to love my hot dogs with both tomato sauce and what is called “mild American mustard” over here. To all my American friends, “American Mustard” happens to be the name on the bottle – I don’t know how this yellow stuff compares with your yellow mustard. I’m hoping one day I will be able to find out for myself. :)

Hot dogs

Have any of you guys seen A Hot Dog Program? I bought the DVD via Amazon some time ago (along with Sandwiches That You Will Like, which I love even more than A Hot Dog Program!), and every time we watch it, we get a terrible intense craving for hot dogs. :D And then to finish things off completely, I watch An Ice Cream Show, which makes me want a lovely cold ice cream dessert. Heheheheh.

Hot dog

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